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Welcome to The 5th Floor, our Home in the finest part of Palermo. If you are someone who prefers to sit in a living room rather than a lobby, enjoys a homely atmosphere and a generous amount of common space and would appreciate the assistance of your hosts in making the most of your visit to this fabulous city, then it may be the place for you.


Our Mission


Whether your interests encompass music, art, architecture, sport, gastronomy, wine or simply wandering about interesting areas soaking up the atmosphere, our Mission is to provide our guests with a deeper experience of Buenos Aires, whether they are staying for days or weeks. If you can’t find what you want in this city, it’s probably because you don’t yet know where to look or that much of the information is only published in Spanish. Every week there is a range of cultural events to suit all tastes and ages, at all times of the day. It is generally very affordable and the city’s Government provides a weekly agenda of high quality free events. While we are happy to arrange tours and shows for you, we will also take the time to help you take advantage of the city’s generosity and even show you how to get there by public transport.


Who Are We?


At The 5th Floor, you will be hosted by its owners Veronica and Miles. Both Veronica and myself have lived and worked internationally, travelled extensively and are united by our views about what hospitality should be. We both have a passion for Buenos Aires though individually enjoy and have expertise in different aspects. We try to ensure we are accessible to our guests, especially during and immediately after the breakfast period. Please note that we are a small operation trying to provide unrivalled comfort at an accessible price and thus do not have a 24-hour receptionist.

We have a very small dog (a product of the quarantine) Foxy, who is completely harmless but may initially be a bit noisy until she knows you.



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